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Your Divorce Coach

Your personal mentor...

A Divorce Coach is a personal mentor helping you along your Divorce/separation journey, filling in the gaps between the law and you the Client as you make your way through the Divorce/ separation process. I am available to you pre, during and post Divorce/separation on a variety of issues.

Clients come to see me for a variety of issues, ranging from understanding the options available to them about Divorce, completing court documentation if they are managing their own Divorce without a solicitor, handling finances, contact arrangements for children, to how to deal with situations when your ex partner does not follow through with court orders.

Many clients find communication with their ex partner often breaks down during the Divorce/separation process and I am able to step in and help clients draft emails, letters and assist with text message correspondence which helps both parties to rebuild their communication.

Your Divorce Coach can also provide you with coaching sessions on how to explain Divorce to children and in helping you better communicate with the other co-parent.  


Your Divorce Coach is available to you with more than the standard legal approach to Divorce.

Your Divorce Coach provides you with reassurance, support and strategic planning.


I understand the complexities of the legal process and I can assist you by giving you more control and understanding of what is happening for you in your Divorce/separation. 

Having access to someone that understands the emotional and practical aspects of Divorce essentially helps you retain a sense of calm as you navigate this tricky road.


Divorce Coaching (including access to me via unlimited texts / Whatsapp 

Coping mechanisms in the early stages of divorce and separation

Guidance on the legal process, court orders and family court

Strategies on how to divorce, co-parent and communicate with narcissistic personalities

Access to a variety of resources including legal advice recommendations, counsellors, divorce financial planners , private investigators ensuring the right representation for you and your particular circumstances

Practical support and guidance on how to explain divorce to children, provide support to them during the divorce and recommend resources for further one to one assistance

Assistance on how to assist children with the introduction of new partners from either yourself or the other co-parent and other child related issues

Strategies and guidance on working as a blended family

Advice and strategies on how best to communicate with your ex and co-parent to include email and text support and drafting

Practical support with legal and practical process of divorce including assisting and collating all required paperwork such as Form E's, statements and collating all required information in preparation for meetings with solicitors, hearings or mediation 

Attend solicitors meetings, mediations and other formal meetings ensuring you get the optimum benefit from time spent with your solicitor

narcissist, divorce
Nawal Houghton having a 1:1 video call with a client


In person or via Zoom, Facetime or phone

Unlimited texts / Whatsapp assistance

Email support and drafting of correspondence with your ex or co-parent

S.O.S calls at the weekend 

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