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The Lessons

Divorce is a hard process and it brings up a lot of emotions. Often we ask ourselves " how is this happening to me?", " what I have done wrong?", " what did I do to deserve this?". These are important questions but we shouldn't be looking at these questions from a negative stand point. It takes time but our goal should be about acknowledging that our past does a play a role in our present and can play a very important part in our future.

Our experiences good and bad ultimately are lessons. They are lessons about ourselves, our choices and how we respond to the events in our lives. Each one teaches us more about what we want and who we want to share our journeys with. Our past is a lesson about our patterns and our choices.

Every experience, yes even the really bad ones, gives us some element of a lesson that can give us better insight of ourselves and provide us with valuable information about how to take on our future.

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