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What does the Narcissist think of themselves?

This question gets asked alot. Essentially, we do lots of reading, research and endless googling to try and understand what a narcissist is and what it means for you. We then come to grips with the shock of what this personality disorder is but it still leaves us with so many unanswered questions

Like, what actually happens inside their head? How do they operate on a day to day basis?

What do they think? How are they wired? What do they actually feel? How do they operate

Narcissists are self centred, supply searching psychological abusers.

But, how do they see themselves?

Here are some key phrases that will help explain how Narcissists see themselves.

  1. I hope you all understand all that I am and everything that I bring and achieved for you all. I am faultless and amazing.

  2. Very few people measure up to me, and to be honest without me, many projects, families and essential ties would fail.

  3. I love me. You adore me. Everyone adores me. I don't know anyone that doesn't love me.

  4. I know to some I may seem arrogant and I can cope with that. I just don't to be seen as low level as you.

  5. You must be loyal to me no matter what. Please do not expect me to be loyal to you, because that's just unrealistic and selfish.

  6. I will criticise you because you have many flaws. I do not have any flaws and if you criticise me expect me to fight back in order for you to learn that you are wrong and I am right.

  7. I expect gratitude for everything that I do. If you don't show appreciation, I will rage and manipulate and criticise you.

  8. I expect to have everything done my way. My way is the right way. It does not matter if you find it inconvenient or if it doesn't work for you. Your way is wrong.

  9. I don't care about feelings. This is a massive weakness. The fact that you have feelings supports my statement that you are beneath me and I am far more superior.

  10. I only want to be associated with people who are as important me. There are not many people out there like me.

  11. If you just play by my rules and do as I say, everything would be so much easier.

Some of these statements may have you nodding or yelling yes as you read this article but this is indeed the reality of being a narcissist. They are superior, everyone else is inferior. It is no wonder that a relationship with an narcissist is doomed for failure. Many will ignore the signs, the red flags and will eventually seek help when either they can no longer take the mental, verbal and sometimes physical abuse any longer or they have been discarded by the Narcissist.

If you are divorcing or separating from a narcissist and would like guidance and support to help with the overwhelm and anxiety, please do get in touch for a free 15 minute discovery call to see how I can help you.

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